Choose the Right Banff Rafting Adventure for You and Your Group
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Choose the Right Banff Rafting Adventure for You and Your Group

Choose the Right Banff Rafting Adventure for You and Your Group

Excited about hitting the rapids, but not sure which rafting trip is best for you and your group? Hydra River Guides has different options for different levels of comfort. Banff rafting is an exciting Canadian pastime that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lives. Regardless of the rafting trip you choose, our guides will prep you with safety instructions and provide you with a wetsuit, fleece, spray jacket, life jacket, neoprene booties and a helmet. You can leave your phone safely ashore, where it’ll stay dry because we have cameras set up along the way to capture the moment! Read on to discover what Banff rafting trip is best for you.

Family Whitewater Rafting

If your family has kids ages 8-11 or has first-timer rafters who want to try a more beginner-friendly rafting experience, the Family Whitewater Rafting adventure is perfect for you! It features a terrific hour on the river, riding the rapids through our Banff rafting course. We encounter calm periods and minor rapids, giving you the complete experience of whitewater rafting in Banff. Our friendly guides will give you all the instructions you need for the trip to make you feel equipped to tackle the river. If you’re looking for fun for the whole family, you’ve found it with the Family Whitewater Rafting trip at Hydra.

Kicking Horse Classic

Take your time on the river up a notch with the Kicking Horse Classic. Kids above 12 years old and who weigh over 90 lbs can join you on this ride! Like always, we will teach you about rafting safety and ensure you are properly dressed before sending you with a guide onto the river. We hit the best waves on the Kicking Horse River with this trip, hands down. We recommend this group to families and groups who are less afraid of falling into the river or who have rafted before. If that’s you, we can’t wait to take you on this adventure!

Last Waltz

The Last Waltz is the last (but certainly not the least) of the rides. For this trip, like the one above, children must be older than 12 and weigh more than 90 lbs to join you on this ride. Your ride on the Last Waltz will be about 2 hours of fun, allowing you to enjoy your day in Banff, rafting the day to a close. This ride is a great way to tire out the kids before a nice dinner and hitting the hay. Ready to navigate the rapids of Kicking Horse River? Join us for one last (thrilling) ride!

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Banff rafting is perfect for families, bachelorettes, bachelor parties, and so much more. Our Hydra River Guides are ready to endure the rapids by your side. Are you ready? Give us a call to book your trip today!

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