Rafting Down Kicking Horse River: First Timer FAQ
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Rafting Down Kicking Horse River: First Timer FAQ

Rafting Down Kicking Horse River: First Timer FAQ

Located in Golden, BC, Kicking Horse River is the rafting location of the century! Loaded with class 1-3 rapids as well as intermittent calm periods, you’ll make memories to last a lifetime when you raft with Hydra River Guides. For over 30 years we’ve been helping locals, tourists, and everyone else to experience the thrill of Kicking Horse River rafting. Will you be next?

Below, we cover many of our frequently asked questions from adventurers waiting to take on the river. If you’re coming in from out of town, this is the perfect opportunity to read up on your questions so that your group and you can get into the raft quicker. Read on!

What Do I Bring With Me?

You will only need to bring a towel and wear something you are comfortable getting wet in! We will provide you with a wetsuit, paddles, and instructions on safety and best practices—and anything else you will need to have a fun time. We will have a place for you to store your personal belongings during the trip. Don’t worry about bringing anything else but a good attitude!

Will We Get Training?

Our guides will walk you through some light training to help you have a fun time on your trip with us! Before boarding, we give you safety instructions and answer any questions you have about the grand adventure you are about to embark on.

Are your Rafting Trips Kid-Friendly?

The Family Whitewater Rafting trip is perfect for families with children ages 8- 11 years old who are looking for a calmer, beginner-friendly rafting experience. We ask that all children coming aboard weigh at least 50 lbs for safety reasons, as well as meeting that age requirement. Children who are 12 years and older are welcome to come on our Kicking Horse Classic adventure!

What if It’s My First Time White Water Rafting?

That’s okay! Your guide will give you the information you need to make your first trip a blast. We will spend our time with you, getting you ready before boarding so that you are ready to take on the river.

How Many People Are in Each Rafting Group?

Usually, we have a group of 8 people, plus your river guide. If your family or group is less than 8, we will combine groups. If your group is uncomfortable with joining another party, we allow groups of 4-8 to purchase a private raft through our book-a-boat program. Book in for an AM or PM trip!

Will I Fall In?

That is always a possibility! While our guides can help prevent it, we can’t promise that you won’t go overboard! We strongly advise that everyone who comes rafting on Kicking Horse River with us is able to swim and that children pay attention to the instructions our guides give out at the beginning. 

Have the Time of Your Life with Hydra

Hydra River Guides is ready to show you a grand adventure with a Kicking Horse river rafting. With over 30 years of experience on the rapids, our fun guides would love your company down the river. Have any more questions? Please contact us! We would love to chat with you and answer any other questions you may have.