White Water Rafting in Golden, BC: A Must-Try Adventure for Outdoor Enthusiasts
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White Water Rafting in Golden, BC: A Must-Try Adventure for Outdoor Enthusiasts

White Water Rafting in Golden, BC: A Must-Try Adventure for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Welcome to the exciting world of whitewater rafting. Golden, BC is a gorgeous town nestled in the Canadian Rockies. Mountains and rivers surround us here, giving the whole town a calming atmosphere no matter the weather. With its towering mountains and challenging rapids, the little town of Golden, BC, is a true paradise for anyone who is seeking thrills this summer. For beginners at rafting and outdoor enthusiasts alike, whitewater rafting in Golden, BC is the perfect opportunity for beauty and adventure. Read more about Hydra River Guides’ whitewater rafting packages below.

Via Ferrata and Whitewater Rafting

The Adrenaline Junkie package was made for our adventurous friends! Experience the thrill of the Kicking Horse River along with the heights of the Golden Sky Bridge when you book these adventures together. Take a two and a half hour tour of the Via Ferrata—a breathtaking and challenging hike up Mount Norquay—and see for yourself the magical views of the Rockies. You’ll also get the chance to ride the rapids of Kicking Horse with your group and one of our expert guides for a few hours. Cross a suspension bridge, conquer the rapids, and take plenty of photos when you go whitewater rafting and take a tour of the Via Ferrata in Golden, BC.

ATV Ride and Whitewater Rafting

What could be better than 3 hours on an ATV with nothing but the forests and wildlife (and your fellow ATVers) surrounding you? If that sounds like your cup of tea, the Raft & ATV package might be for you! Along with the tickets to both events, you’ll be provided with proper helmets, outerwear, highly-trained guides, and thorough instructions. This package is all about speed and terrain. Let’s conquer the river and the road all in one!

Golden Sky Bridge and Whitewater Rafting

Looking for something to compliment your trip whitewater rafting in Golden, BC? Take from sea to sky with the Raft & Golden Sky Bridge package. Not only do you get to experience the rush that comes with riding the rapids, but you will also get to feel the adrenaline that kicks in when you look down from the Golden Sky Bridge. If you aren’t afraid of heights and want to add to your adventure, try reaching new heights with this adventure duo.

Hydra River Guides: Experts in Rafting

We are here to assist you on your journey to find your next outdoor challenge. Our whitewater rafting trips in Golden, BC are the top excursions for anyone to try in the Rockies area. Located on a private base in Golden, BC, you’ll find all of our staff knowledgeable and experienced in riding the waves of Kicking Horse. Whether you are looking for the Kicking Horse Classic trip that includes more intense rapids and a longer ride, or you want a calmer trip for kids ages 8-11 or inexperienced riders, we have trips for you

Take a look at our YouTube channel and see what you are in for, and then give us a call to book your next trip!