Our Covid Practices

Welcome to the 2022 season. 

We are excited to welcome you back! If you’re ready to get on the river, have some fun and enjoy the great outdoors, we’re ready to have you join us. 

Given the nature of paddling in wide-open spaces, rafting can operate with protocols in place, as the risk of transmission is low. Public health organizations acknowledge that participating in outdoor activities actually offers benefits to a participant’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

To‚Äč reduce the risk of transmission, we have implemented precautionary measures in all stages of our operation. To ensure the success of these measures, we rely on the full cooperation of  guests and team members.

The safety measures we have implemented include:

Hand sanitizer stations at key areas throughout our River Base. Although not mandatory, sanitizing is never a bad idea!


We will be monitoring our team members and guests for illness through a series of screening questions.


We ask all guests to bring their own face covering (or some are available for purchase on the day) for when we cannot maintin physical distancing. i.e Masks are still mandatory on our bus transportation.


We will still create physical distancing, by implementing directional flow of the rafting base; creating spacing for all. You’ll see our team helping to ensure we all work together and that everyone flows through the spaces appropriately.


We have reduced the number of touchpoints, and increased cleaning of remaining touchpoints


Contactless payments will be encouraged, with credit and debit transactions. Cash transaction will be accepted


Reduced the number of communal gathering areas – picnic tables and benches. We ask if you do use these, maintain space between groups you don't know


Our employees are trained on enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing procedures with CDC and Health Canada-approved cleaners. Cleaning will be frequent and thorough.


All boats, paddles, PFD’s, wetsuits, helmets, fleeces, spray jackets and booties will be fully sanitized between trips. We will have gear rotation. 



Our on-site signage and pre-arrival communications aim to be clear and straight-forward. We aim to ensure both guests and staff support these measures.



We hope that our environment returns to normal in the not-too-distant future, but for now, these protocols are our new normal. We ask for patience while we implement these changes and also your commitment in the following:

  1. Please do not come if you don’t feel well or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, have been around someone who’s sick or has Covid-19, or have returned back to Canada in the last 14 days.
  2. All trips are to be reserved and paid at time of booking.
  3. Please bring a non medical face covering such as a buff. Face coverings will be used when we can’t maintain 2 m of separation, such as when you’re riding our bus. We recommend a Buff or similar type neck tube. Please do NOT bring a paper mask as this will not last in a wet, outdoor environment. If you do not bring a face covering we have Buff style coverings available for purchase for $7.
  4. Please come with your swimsuit  already on (under your clothing) so you can get changed by your vehicle if possible. Change rooms are available if you need them but limited. Don't forget a change of underwear for after your trip!
  5. You must agree to provide your information for the waiver  
  6. Store all personal items in your vehicle. No personal items (besides medication) can be brought onto the raft. We have private parking on our river base
  1. PHYSICAL DISTANCING IS REQUIRED: groups who have not booked, travelled and arrived together at our facility must maintain a minimum of 2 M/ 6ft distance between them. 
  2. Please be patient and kind with our team and other guests. Everyone has different comfort levels.
  3. Book your boat with family members, friends or those in your circle.  Our‘BOOK A BOAT’ option is back for 2022 at a discounted rate, if you’d like to have a raft to yourself. This is the only way we can guarantee it'll be a private raft for your group. 
  4. Please do not handle each other’s gear (paddles, PFD’s, helmets, wetsuits, booties, spray jackets etc)
  5. Please eat and drink prior to your rafting trip. There is no food or drink included with the trip.  There will be light refreshments available for purchase.
  6. Please use our hand washing and sanitizing stations regularly

We acknowledge that every customer must make their own decision as to whether or not it is in their best interest to participate during these times. However, if you choose to join us, we sincerely welcome you, and we require your full cooperation with all of our safety measures. 


Team Hydra