The Best White Water Rafting Packages in Golden, BC
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The Best White Water Rafting Packages in Golden, BC

The Best White Water Rafting Packages in Golden, BC

White water rafting is loved by many. Families, bachelor parties, corporate events—the opportunities for fun are endless. White water rafting packages offer more than you ask for when you book with Hydra River Guides. Keep reading about how Hydra can help you plan the adventure your family will look back on for years to come.

Horsing Around

Combine the thrill of white water rafting with the serene experience that is horseback riding for an hour. You’ll have double the chances to spot wildlife in its natural habitat around the Banff mountains and rivers on these two fun adventures. On the horse ride, you’ll see some of the historic Banff locations and learn about their impact on the Banff we see today. The clear views of the gorgeous Rockies while riding some of the friendliest horses produce an unbeatable joy. Fit for anyone above the age of 12! This white water rafting package includes the Kicking Horse Classic, which will take you on class 1-4 rapids. Start off calm, then advance to the mighty rapids that course the Kicking Horse. We do our best to fill the ride with laughs and memories you will love to look back on. 

Raft & Golden Sky Bridge

Why not go for an adventure in the sky and then explore the depths of the mountains? If you love a good bird’s eye view of the Canadian Rockies, the Golden Skybridge admission is included in this white water rafting package in Golden, BC. You’ll have your own unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape, followed by the thrilling opportunity to venture into that landscape while travelling down the Kicking Horse River with your favourite people. This one can be done on the same day or on days back-to-back to enjoy each experience fully.

Raft & ATV

For two totally unique feelings, check out the Raft and ATV white water rafting package. Hydra River Guides pairs their adrenaline-pumping river rafting thrill with the speed of the ATV trip! Spend time doing authentic Canadian pastimes with this favourite. All participants over 19 years old get the choice of taking the ATV in their own hands or riding along with someone else, whatever they are most comfortable with. After zipping through the wilderness, it’s time to cool off with the Hydra white water rafting tour! You’ll feel mighty refreshed by the cool water after a fun day in the sun.

White Water Rafting Packages in Golden, BC

Get more out of your money when you book multiple events in one of our white water rafting packages. We have built a range of packages for you to choose from, including heights, speeds, and more water—it’s up to you what you are interested in. Contact Hydra River Guides today to book your ticket before the season is sold out!