Ready to Raft in Alberta? Let Hydra River Guides Take You Down River!
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Ready to Raft in Alberta? Let Hydra River Guides Take You Down River!

Ready to Raft in Alberta? Let Hydra River Guides Take You Down River!

Are you beginning to plan your summer holiday in Alberta? Are you looking for a thrilling experience you can share with your close friends and family? Hydra River Guides has you covered! We offer a variety of white water rafting packages for you to choose from that will get your blood pumping this summer. Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or an amateur just starting out, Hydra has incredible rafting trip options to suit every experience level. Keep reading to learn more about white water rafting trip packages down the Kicking Horse River with Hydra River Guides.

The Best White Water Rafting in Alberta

Located about an hour outside Banff, Alberta, Hydra River Guides has been calling the Kicking Horse River home for over 30 years. Over this time, we have welcomed whitewater rafters of various experience levels to our exciting glacier-fed river waters. The Kicking Horse River is an incredible river for rafting, as no two rides are the same! So whether you’ve rafted with Hydra River Guides before or if you’re a first-timer, our team is sure you’ll have a thrilling experience. The Kicking Horse River has over 22 km worth of river that the team at Hydra River Guides can take you rafting down. With various classes of rapids to get your adrenaline pumping, the Kicking Horse River is one of the best whitewater rafting rivers in Alberta!

Hydra River Guides Rafting Packages

Are you looking for an unforgettable summer adventure in Alberta? Hydra River Guides has plenty of exciting white water rafting packages to make your summer a blast! So even if you’re planning your summer holidays as a solo traveller or making plans for the whole family, white water rafting down the Kicking Horse is a memorable experience. Hydra River Guides also has a “Book a Boat” group package available for a crew of 4-8 people That way, if you want to experience the Kicking Horse River with your friends or family, you can have a private rafting ride with one of our guides. With white water rafting adventures available in the morning or afternoon, the team at Hydra River Guides is excited to see you this summer!

Ready for a Summer of Adventure?

Our highly experienced and friendly crew of guides at Hydra River Guides is excited to take you down the Kicking Horse River this coming summer. The new white water rafting season opens in May 2023 and runs into the fall, so you have plenty of time to plan your next adventure! Hydra River Guides’ River Base facility is about 25 km from Golden, BC and fully equipped with all the amenities you’ll need before and after your white water rafting trip. If you’re looking for a thrilling summer experience, visit our booking office in Banff, Alberta, or contact Hydra River Guides today! Our team looks forward to making a splash with you this summer in the Kicking Horse River!