The Countdown to Summer White Water Rafting is On at Hydra River Guides!
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The Countdown to Summer White Water Rafting is On at Hydra River Guides!

The Countdown to Summer White Water Rafting is On at Hydra River Guides!

Even though fresh snow covers the ground right now, the sun-soaked summer season is just around the corner, and now is the best time to start planning your next sunny adventure! If you're looking for the perfect summer activity for the whole family or your crew of buddies, white water rafting down the Kicking Horse River with Hydra River Guides is the ultimate thrill. The Kicking Horse River near Banff, Alberta, is home to incredible views, rushing mountain water, and tons of fun for all experience levels. Keep reading to learn more about Hydra River Guides' group rafting adventure options and why you should raft with us this coming summer!

Tackle the Kicking Horse with a Team

With the winter season in full swing, it may seem too early to plan your summer holidays. However, at Hydra River Guides, it's never too soon to begin planning your next big adventure down the Kicking Horse River. We are excited for the new season to start in May 2023! We have plenty of bookings available now, so you and your family or friends can secure your spots on a raft this summer. For those looking to conquer the Kicking Horse River in Banff with their group of friends or family, Hydra River Guides offers a group "Book-a-Boat" option. That way, four to eight of your most adventurous friends can experience the thrills of white water rafting in Banff as a team. 

Hydra River Guides has white water rafting trips available in the morning or afternoon. However, our team would highly recommend booking your trip for the morning. That way, you and your crew have the rest of the afternoon to soak up the many sights the Canadian Rockies has to offer. White water rafting with Hydra River Guides is a great way to experience the Kicking Horse River and try something new. Our book-a-boat group option is tons of fun for all experience levels and a fantastic way to make memories with your family and closest pals. The Kicking Horse River is waiting for you; book your next adventure today!

Why Raft With Us

Hydra River Guides has welcomed rafters of all experience levels to our wild Kicking Horse River waters for over 30 years. We have tailored our many white water rafting trip options to fit a variety of comfort and age levels. With our booking office in Banff and an incredible River Base for our rafters, Hydra River Guides is your top choice for white water rafting in Banff, Alberta. Our team prides itself on the experience and memories we can make with our rafters. The Kicking Horse River is a thrilling adventure for the entire family. So when planning your 2023 summer adventure, consider white water rafting with Hydra River Guides!

Plan Your Trip Today!

Regardless of your experience level, white water rafting in Banff is an incredible thrill for your entire family and crew of friends. The 2023 white water rafting season will begin in May and run to September/ October, depending on the river's conditions. With endless fun to look forward to this summer, now is the time to book your white water rafting trip with Hydra River Guides. Contact our team today to learn more about our trips, group options, and packages!