Join in the Fun with Banff Whitewater Rafting Tours
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Join in the Fun with Banff Whitewater Rafting Tours

Join in the Fun with Banff Whitewater Rafting Tours

The Canadian Rockies have plenty of adventurous opportunities for thrill seekers and families alike. For over 30 years, Hydra River Guides has entertained and exhilarated adventures of all ages and skill levels with whitewater rafting trips down the Kicking Horse River. If you’ve been searching for something new to do this year in Banff, Hydra has plenty of rafting trip packages for you and your crew to test your bravery! Below we’ll talk more about the incredible adventures you can take with Hydra River Guides on the Kicking Horse River. 

Wild Water and Wild Adventures

Are you a seasoned whitewater rafter looking for another thrill? Or are you planning a family vacation and want to try something new? Regardless of your level of experience, the Kicking Horse River has something for everyone! At Hydra River Guides, our experienced team can take you for a superb whitewater rafting ride down the Kicking Horse River. We’ll show you how to navigate the various rapids the river is famous for. You’ll be left with adrenaline in your veins and some incredible memories. No two rafting trips are the same on the Kicking Horse, so even if you’ve been down the river once before, your next ride is sure to be just as exciting and thrilling as the last. Our team looks forward to making a splash with you!

Decades of Experience

There are numerous rafting companies to choose from in the Banff and Golden area. However, Hydra River Guides rises above the competition with our decades of experience, exciting package deals, and commitment to care. Our team is passionate about the great outdoors and wants to share this firsthand experience with you! You can count on our river guides to ensure that every trip is excellent. We take the time to make sure everyone on board is comfortable and understands how to manage the various rapids on the Kicking Horse River. At Hydra, our crew carefully monitors the river’s conditions to ensure that every ride we take downstream is thrilling for all experience levels. We can’t wait to whitewater raft with you!

Close and Convenient

Located right on the banks of the Kicking Horse River, Hydra’s River Base is only 40 minutes west of Lake Louise and a little over an hour outside of Banff, Alberta. That makes locating us straightforward and easy! Our River Base is a safe and scenic spot to start and end your rafting trip. The area offers fully equipped facilities and stunning views of our great Canadian wilderness. We also have a secure parking lot, so you don’t have to worry about your personal belongings or vehicles while you conquer the Kicking Horse River. Once you’ve completed your wild ride, you can shower, change back into your clothes, and chat with your crew at our River Base. Our team at Hydra River Guides is sure you’ll have a great time at our River Base and on the Kicking Horse River. 

Ready to Make a Splash?

Whitewater rafting with Hydra River guides in Banff is a great way to enjoy the Canadian Rockies and have a thrilling experience. We offer a variety of rafting trips and group packages so you and your crew can make some exciting memories together down the Kicking Horse River. Regardless of the adventure you choose to take, our team at Hydra is sure you’ll have a thrilling time. If you’re ready to pick up a paddle and hit the river, contact our team today!