Get a Thrill Rafting the Kicking Horse River
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Get a Thrill Rafting the Kicking Horse River

Get a Thrill Rafting the Kicking Horse River

The Canadian Rockies are home to some of the most stunning views, exciting adventures, and curious wildlife. If you've been searching for another activity to do in the Rockies, whitewater rafting with Hydra River Guides is a thrilling ride. Our team adores the Kicking Horse River for its scenic landscape, exhilarating rapids, and long history. We are sure that after testing your bravery down the Kicking Horse River's rapids, you too will fall in love with this spectacular river. Below are more details about the Kicking Horse River and a taste of the adventure you can experience whitewater rafting with Hydra. Continue reading to discover more!

What is "Whitewater"?

Whitewater is white frothy or turbulent water formed from rapids capturing oxygen from the air into the water. Rapids are necessary for the health of the river they're created in and are incredibly exciting to raft down. Rapids are formed from river erosion and are classified from Class I to VI, with most rivers having a combination of classifications. The higher the class rating, the more challenging the rapids navigate, but difficulty does not equal more fun. At Hydra River Guides, our team carefully monitors the rapids on the Kicking Horse River to ensure that each of our guests has a great experience! So even if you decide to take a more leisurely trip with you and the kids, you'll still have as much fun as another crew taking on the more challenging whitewater rafting trips. 

Get to Know the Kicking Horse

The Kicking Horse River has a long history. Initially named in 1858 due to an expedition and an ill-tempered horse, this river is a hotspot for tourists and rafters alike. The river begins high on the Wapta Icefields as glacial meltwater that runs down the Western slope of the Rocky Mountains. From there, the Kicking Horse river runs 22 km through Yoho National Park. The Kicking Horse is the Canadian Rockies' premier whitewater rafting adventure with incredible natural sights to see as you paddle down the river. With a range of rapids from Class I to Class IV, Hydra River Guides is sure that the Kicking Horse River will be a thrilling experience for you and your crew. Our experienced guides love the Kicking Horse River. They are always excited to welcome a wide range of experience levels and ages on board down the river. 

Calling all Thrillseekers!

If you and your friends or family are looking for a great way to spend the day in the Canadian Rockies, then whitewater rafting down the Kicking Horse River is a great option. Our highly experienced and trained river guides at Hydra can take you for a thrilling ride down some exciting rapids. Our team is sure you'll love the Kicking Horse River with its incredibly lush scenery on all sides, fresh mountain air, and refreshingly chilled glacier water. We offer a variety of rafting trips, including opportunities for large groups and families. 

If you're ready to grab a paddle and head down the Kicking Horse River, contact Hydra today to book your next adventure! We look forward to introducing you to the river we call home.