It’s Time To Make A Splash! Whitewater Rafting With Hydra River Guides
Hydra / Wednesday, July 29, 2020 / Categories: Rafting

It’s Time To Make A Splash! Whitewater Rafting With Hydra River Guides

It’s Time To Make A Splash! Whitewater Rafting With Hydra River Guides

Are you ready to get wet and wild? If you’re in search of your next big adventure in the great outdoors, there’s no better way to experience the Rockies than a day on the infamous Kicking Horse River. Hydra River Guides offers you the very best all-access pass to some of the best whitewater rapids North America has to offer. Learn more about rafting the Kicking Horse with our expert guides, including our trips below!

Thrill Pumping Adventure

Hoping to kick things up a notch on your next mountain getaway? Banff National Park is the ultimate outdoor playground, full of different ways to explore and connect with the incredible beauty that surrounds the area. For those who can’t get enough of heart-pumping action, charging down rushing rapids is the perfect way to combine incredible views with adventure as you paddle your way to victory. As the company located closest to the entry point of the Kicking Horse, rafting with Hydra River Guides means you’ll get more time on the water, while also enjoying the luxury of Hydra’s ultra-exclusive River Base. Suit up in style and grab your paddle, because it’s time to take Mother Nature like never before!

Adventures For Everyone

Our whitewater rafting trips are suitable for rafters of all experience levels, with each tour being guided down the river by one of our seasoned experts. Whether it’s your first time in a raft our you’ve seen your fair share of rapids, we’re here to make sure everyone is ready to have fun, and most importantly stay safe! Our tours include:

The Early Bird Gets The Best Waves…

Want to start off your day with an adrenaline rush? Our Morning Classic trip departs bright and early at 9:30 am. With 2 hours on the water and plenty of training to help you tackle the waves with confidence, there’s never been a better way to kick off the morning!

The OG

The Kicking Horse Classic PM trip is by far our most popular tour each season. Departing daily at 1:30 pm, this trip treats you to 2-full hours on the water, river gear and launches right from the banks of the Kicking Horser River

Ready to experience the Rockies like never before? What are you waiting for! Contact Hydra River Guides to learn more today!