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What You Need to Know About ATVing in Golden

Machines, mountains and beautiful views are what you'll experience on an ATV tour in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Go further up into the mountains and discover areas that are out of reach on foot with excursions that last from 2-5 hours. Here are some tips you should keep in mind on an ATV tour in Golden.

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What You Need to Know About ATVing in Golden
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It’s Time To Make A Splash! Whitewater Rafting With Hydra River Guides

Are you ready to get wet and wild? If you’re in search of your next big adventure in the great outdoors, there’s no better way to experience the Rockies than a day on the infamous Kicking Horse River. Hydra River Guides offers you the very best all-access pass to some of the best whitewater rapids North America has to offer. Learn more about rafting the Kicking Horse with our expert guides, including our trips below!

Thrill Pumping Adventure

Hoping to kick things up a notch on your next mountain getaway? Banff National Park is the ultimate outdoor playground, full of different ways to explore and connect with the incredible beauty that surrounds the area. For those who can’t get enough of heart-pumping action, charging down rushing rapids is the perfect way to combine incredible views with adventure as you paddle your way to victory. As the company located closest to the entry point of the Kicking Horse, rafting with Hydra River Guides means you’ll get more time on the water, while also enjoying the luxury of Hydra’s ultra-exclusive River Base. Suit up in style and grab your paddle, because it’s time to take Mother Nature like never before!

Adventures For Everyone

Our whitewater rafting trips are suitable for rafters of all experience levels, with each tour being guided down the river by one of our seasoned experts. Whether it’s your first time in a raft our you’ve seen your fair share of rapids, we’re here to make sure everyone is ready to have fun, and most importantly stay safe! Our tours include:

The Early Bird Gets The Best Waves…

Want to start off your day with an adrenaline rush? Our Morning Classic trip departs bright and early at 9:30 am. With 2 hours on the water and plenty of training to help you tackle the waves with confidence, there’s never been a better way to kick off the morning!

The OG

The Kicking Horse Classic is by far our most popular tour each season. Departing daily at 1:30 pm, this trip treats you to 2-full hours on the water, river gear and launches right from the banks of the Kicking Horser River

Ready to experience the Rockies like never before? What are you waiting for! Contact Hydra River Guides to learn more today!

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It’s Time To Make A Splash! Whitewater Rafting With Hydra River Guides
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Thrill Seekers Wanted

Heart pumping, skin rippling, grin-inducing adventure: Adrenaline Junkies, you’ve found your next destination! Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Banff is a thrill seeker's paradise. At Hydra River Guides, we understand that sometimes the beaten path needs to be left behind. That’s why we’re proud to offer several activities and packages aimed at capturing the full excitement that the Rockies have to offer. There’s no better way to experience nature than by getting up close and personal. Read on to learn about three adrenaline pumping activities that can help you get the most out of your time in the mountains.


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Thrill Seekers Wanted
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Combine rafting with amazing Banff Adventures

We get it, there are plenty of people who would consider a 22km stretch of some of the best white water rafting in North America ‘quite enough excitement for one day’, but there are also those who want a little extra. Thankfully there are a number of activities which can be added to your trip to make the day complete.


Horseback Riding

It definitely seems a fitting past-time in an area named Kicking Horse (though our animals are a lot friendlier than that). Our horseback tours are a great way to experience the rockies in true cowboy style. Before setting out on the river, you can head over to Banff National Park to take in a 1-hour trail ride, which takes in the historic Cave and Basin National Historic site (birthplace of Banff National Park) as well as wildlife spotting opportunities. Our cowboy cook-out tour is a 2-hour guided tour which takes you deeper into Bow Valley, as well as a delicious steak dinner including western games like horseshoes and roping & lassoing.


Canoe down the Bow River

For those who just love being on the water, it doesn’t get much better than heading down the Kicking Horse River rapids before taking on the slightly more serene surrounds of the near-by Bow River on a 2-hour canoe ride. The canoes are provided by our friends at Banff Canoe Club whose docks are conveniently located in the heart of the town of Banff.



One for the thrill seekers, our Raft & ATV package has everything you need for an adrenaline packed day. As well as taking on our famous series of grade 3 & 4 rapids, you’ll get the chance to spend 2hrs experiencing the surrounding forestry on your very own All Terrain Vehicle with one of our guides. We provide the gear and (of course) the vehicles, all you need to bring is your sense of adventure!


Meet a Grizzly Bear

After tackling the rapids, why not take a  ride up the Kicking Horse Mountain Sightseeing Gondola for another typically Canadian experience. The Grizzly Bear refuge is a unique opportunity to meet and learn about these majestic creatures in a safe environment.


Experience the Rockies two-ways


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Combine rafting with amazing Banff Adventures
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Top Local attractions around Kicking Horse River

With our rafting adventures taking you through 20km of continuous rapids, many might consider that quite enough excitement for one day. There are, however, a number of other attractions located a short hop from the Kicking Horse River for visitors to fill the hours prior to and after your time on the water. 

The World’s Largest Paddle

Keeping with the rafting theme, the World’s Largest Paddle is located just to the south of Kicking Horse, on the banks of the Columbia River. Measuring in at just over 60 feet and weighing 2,404kgs, this may be one oar that’s best left on dry land but it is a definite draw for any fans of the weird and wacky (the surrounding area is also a great spot for a roadside picnic)!

Hiking in Yoho National park

If you haven’t quite had your nature fix filled on the river, there are a number of great hikes to be found in the surrounding Yoho National Park. Emerald Lake is an ever popular destination with locals and visitors alike, while the Rotary Trail is a great hike for those wish to take in some of the local scenery in a small amount of time. A moderate hike or drive to the upper launch site on Mount 7 gives a spectacular view of the town of Golden and the Columbia Valley.

Golden & District Museum

Located just one block off of main street in Golden BC, the intimate Golden & District Museum details the settlement of the surrounding area as well as the history of Canadian Pacific Railways’ Swiss Guides.

Wapta Falls

Sitting at about 30 metres high and 150 metres wide, Wapta Falls is the Kicking Horse River's largest waterfall. A relatively quick and easy (4.6 km round-trip) hike from the nearby parking lot, Wapta Falls offers some stunning visuals and photo opportunities.  

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre

Located to the North of the Kicking Horse River, the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf centre aims to   support conservation through education and visitor interaction with these truly symbolic canadian creatures. Providing interactive talks beside the 1.25 acre wolf enclosure, guests are given a unique opportunity to walk with wolves in their natural habitat while learning about the role the animals play in maintaining a healthy local habitat. 

Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge

Unsurprisingly, given the surrounding forestry, big things made of wood are somewhat of a local trademark. Located in downtown Golden, the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge spans the Kicking Horse River and, at 151 feet, is the longest freestanding timber frame bridge in Canada. 

With a myriad of excellent restaurants, bars and eateries in the local, there’s a whole lot to do, though we’d of course suggest starting with rafting #1 trip advisor rated activity is the best place to start!

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Top Local attractions around Kicking Horse River
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Best Whitewater rafting rivers in Canada

Kicking Horse River

It’s not biased to call the best the best. Named after an unruly steed, the river plays to a subtly untamed 20km of non-stop rapids, set against the stunning backdrop of Yoho National Park.  The class 3 and 4 rapids will test beginners and old hands alike, and you can do it all in a single day. We’re proud to call the kicking horse river our home! (Find out more about Kicking Horse Rafting Trips)

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Best Whitewater rafting rivers in Canada
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Get more for your cash with Hydra River Guides


We get it, the last thing you want to do before taking a thrilling ride down the Kicking Horse River is to have your buzz dampened by spending ages shuttling to and from river bases/changing rooms/ river put in etc.

At Hydra River Guides we have a unique advantage due to the location of our River Base. This 6 acre stretch of land, located right on the banks of the Kicking Horse, gives us unparalleled access to the river, stunning views and enables us to provide guests with a better rafting experience.

Where most other rafting companies have their bases located off-river, meaning you have to spend time hopping on coaches to and from the launch site, our unique base means that you can go straight from the change rooms to the river, therefore leaving you more room to truly enjoy your adventure down the Kicking Horse. We are also the closest operation to Banff (others are based in Golden) which means we will save you over an hour of driving, getting you off the road quicker and onto the rapids.

Comfort is also at the top of our agenda and, as such, we offer separate changing rooms (limited capacity) for you to get kitted out before you head out, and warm showers for you to rinse in after you are done. 

We have implemedted many new COVID safety practices and policies. So when you book with Hydra, rest assured you made the right choice.

Add in the small matter of 22kms of grade 3 and 4 rapids, and there’s a whole lot to fit in a four hour excursion.
We’re proud to call the Kicking Horse River our home and, with our unique access and facilities, it really is. So take the hassle out of your trip and come and experience them for yourself.

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Get more for your cash with Hydra River Guides