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Get more for your cash with Hydra River Guides

Get more for your cash with Hydra River Guides

Get more for your cash with Hydra


We get it, the last thing you want to do before taking a thrilling ride down the Kicking Horse River is to have your buzz dampened by spending ages shuttling to and from river bases/changing rooms/ river put in etc.


At Hydra River Guides we have a unique advantage due to the location of our River Base. This 6 acre stretch of land, located right on the banks of the Kicking Horse, gives us unparalleled access to the river, stunning views and enables us to provide guests with a better rafting experience.


Where most other rafting companies have their bases located off-river, meaning you have to spend time hopping on coaches to and from the launch site, our unique base means that you can go straight from the change rooms to the river, therefore leaving you more room to truly enjoy your adventure down the Kicking Horse. We are also the closest operation to Banff (others are based in Golden) which means we will save you over an hour of driving, getting you off the road quicker and onto the rapids.


Comfort is also at the top of our agenda and, as such, we offer separate changing rooms for you to get kitted out before you head out, and warm showers for you to rinse in after you are done. 


Once you are feeling refreshed (and hungry from your excursions down the river) the base also features a picnic area where you can come and enjoy a catered lunch (on most trips)  where we serve delicious burgers, both Certified Alberta Beef and vegetarian, as well as salads, brownies and cold drinks.


Add in the small matter of 22kms of grade 3 and 4 rapids, and there’s a whole lot to fit in a four hour excursion.

We’re proud to call the Kicking Horse River our home and, with our unique access and facilities, it really is. So take the hassle out of your trip and come and experience them for yourself.