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Top Local attractions around Kicking Horse River

Top Local attractions around Kicking Horse River

With our rafting adventures taking you through 20km of continuous rapids, many might consider that quite enough excitement for one day. There are, however, a number of other attractions located a short hop from the Kicking Horse River for visitors to fill the hours prior to and after your time on the water. 

The World’s Largest Paddle

Keeping with the rafting theme, the World’s Largest Paddle is located just to the south of Kicking Horse, on the banks of the Columbia River. Measuring in at just over 60 feet and weighing 2,404kgs, this may be one oar that’s best left on dry land but it is a definite draw for any fans of the weird and wacky (the surrounding area is also a great spot for a roadside picnic)!

Hiking in Yoho National park

If you haven’t quite had your nature fix filled on the river, there are a number of great hikes to be found in the surrounding Yoho National Park. Emerald Lake is an ever popular destination with locals and visitors alike, while the Rotary Trail is a great hike for those wish to take in some of the local scenery in a small amount of time. A moderate hike or drive to the upper launch site on Mount 7 gives a spectacular view of the town of Golden and the Columbia Valley.

Golden & District Museum

Located just one block off of main street in Golden BC, the intimate Golden & District Museum details the settlement of the surrounding area as well as the history of Canadian Pacific Railways’ Swiss Guides.

Wapta Falls

Sitting at about 30 metres high and 150 metres wide, Wapta Falls is the Kicking Horse River's largest waterfall. A relatively quick and easy (4.6 km round-trip) hike from the nearby parking lot, Wapta Falls offers some stunning visuals and photo opportunities.  

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre

Located to the North of the Kicking Horse River, the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf centre aims to   support conservation through education and visitor interaction with these truly symbolic canadian creatures. Providing interactive talks beside the 1.25 acre wolf enclosure, guests are given a unique opportunity to walk with wolves in their natural habitat while learning about the role the animals play in maintaining a healthy local habitat. 

Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge

Unsurprisingly, given the surrounding forestry, big things made of wood are somewhat of a local trademark. Located in downtown Golden, the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge spans the Kicking Horse River and, at 151 feet, is the longest freestanding timber frame bridge in Canada. 

With a myriad of excellent restaurants, bars and eateries in the local, there’s a whole lot to do, though we’d of course suggest starting with rafting #1 trip advisor rated activity is the best place to start!