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Raft In The Canadian Rockies With Hydra River Guides

Raft In The Canadian Rockies With Hydra River Guides

Rushing waters, stunning beauty, and no shortage of adventure to be found. These are the Canadian Rockies! If you’re in search of your next whitewater rafting destination, Canada has some of the best rapids you’ll find in North America. Located in Golden, British Columbia, the Kicking Horse River is infamous for its mighty rapids and attracts countless guests from all over North American and beyond each season. With endless thrills just waiting to be had, you’re sure to enjoy your time on these incredible rapids.

For over 30 years, Hydra River Guides has been a leading whitewater rafting company in the Banff and Golden region, introducing rafters of all ages and experience levels to the shores we call home. Learn more about rafting in the Rockies by checking out some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions below!

What’s So Different About Rafting In The Rockies?

One aspect that makes rafting in the Rockies, specifically on the Kicking Horse, so unique is the fact that it is a glacier-fed river. This means that, in addition to the waters being colder than other runs, the rapids can tend to fluctuate throughout the season, giving you a thrilling ride every single time. Despite this, the river remains safe for rafters of all experience levels.

Do I Need Experience To Raft With Hydra!

Nope! One of our favourite things about being river guides is introducing people to the Kicking Horse for the first time. Our various trips and packages are geared for rafters of different levels, meaning that you can feel confident picking up your paddle whether it’s your first time or you know your way around the boat!

Do I Need To Know How To Swim? What About Level Of Fitness?

While you will be equipped with a life jacket, Hydra does strongly recommend that all guests have some basic swimming skills for optimal safety. As far as your level of fitness, we do recommend that rafters be in good physical condition. Paddling can be a strenuous activity, especially should the rapids pick up. Those with concerns regarding specific medical conditions should always check with their doctors first.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Go Rafting? When Does Your Season Start?

Hydra’s Rafting Season for 2020 starts May 15th. As far as choosing the “best” time to raft, it all depends on what you’re looking for. For those looking for large swells and big ways, the Kicking Horse typically reaches its peak around June or July, but there’s never a dull day on the river, no matter when you come!

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Where Can I Learn More About Your Trips And Packages?

For over 30 years, Hydra has been a leading rafting company in the Banff and Golden Region, You can find out more about our trips here, or by contacting our team today!