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Fun For The Whole Family!

How To Prepare For A Kid-Friendly Rafting Trip

Fun For The Whole Family!

Are you planning a Rocky Mountain getaway and looking for fun activities for the whole family to enjoy? Whitewater rafting is a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors taking in breathtaking sights and making memories are sure to last for a lifetime. If you’re considering bringing your little ones along for a splashing good time, below are a few points you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure everyone is safe and happy on the water!

  1. Consider The Age And Capabilities Of All Rafters

While whitewater rafting is a family friendly activity, for safety purposes, it’s important to factor in details like the age, weight, experience level and more when deciding on a trip. Many rafting companies have age and/or weight restrictions in place to protect rafters, so it’s best to be aware of going in. You’ll also want to consider whether or not your child(ren) are capable of swimming, as even with a life preserver, the ability to stay above water is vital.

2. Understand the Different Rapid Classifications

Knowing the difference between the different classes of rapids plays an important role in determining whether certain tours are suitable for young ones. The scale is based on a number of factors including how quickly the water is flowing—which is contingent on rainfall and snow runoff—and the size and frequency of boulders, and rating can fluctuate throughout the season. A general breakdown is as follows:

  • Class I: Easy, slower water with light waves.
  • Class II: Moderate, medium-quick water with regular waves and space to move through obstacles such as rocks.
  • Class III: Reasonably challenging, quicker sections of water with higher waves. The space between obstacles is more narrow and difficult to maneuver.
  • Class IV: Challenging, quick flow with powerful rapids and standing waves with advanced paddling required. Sections of rapids need scouting before being run.
  • Class V: Extremely difficult with long, severe rapids that feature steep drops.
  • Class VI: Extraordinarily difficult with constant danger. Requires expert paddling experience, and presents a significant challenge for even the most advanced of rafters.

Typically, class I and II rapids are ideal for families with younger children, and can be found on both our Mild and Kananaskis tours.

3. Make Sure Everyone Puts Safety First

Choosing to book with a qualified tour company reduces your risk while on the water, but the best way to ensure everyone’s safety is to help your kids prepare for their upcoming adventure. Everyone should be aware of the importance of wearing life jackets and helmets, listening to your guide, and avoiding roughhousing while on the raft.

4. Prepare To Have Fun!

With a little preplanning, a family whitewater rafting adventure can be a breeze. For more information on Hydra’s kid friendly tours in Kananaskis and Banff, contact our team today!