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The Last Waltz: Your Choice for an Action Packed Afternoon

The Last Waltz: Your Choice for an Action Packed Afternoon

If you’re planning a Rocky Mountain getaway this summer and are looking to make sure your trip is as adventure packed as possible, the Last Waltz is a fantastic way to top off a day full of fun.

All Aboard!

As the final trip of the day, the Last Waltz departs at 3:45 pm daily. Setting off from our exclusive River Base (located right on the bank of the Kicking Horse) allows you to hit the water without any delays, maximizing your time on the rapids. Our guides will take your through rapids ranging from class 1-4, including the infamous Shotgun and Portage sections! Once you finish your epic adventure, you’ll be able to shower off and warm up back in our base, which includes private parking, warm water and flush toilets for your convenience. The Last Waltz is the perfect way to wind up for an epic evening enjoying some of Banff’s nightlife, or to close out a day trip in style.

Crew Pre-Reqs

Feeling a little nervous about becoming a first-time rafter? No need to worry! Hydra River Guides is passionate about making every rafter’s trip exciting, and more importantly, as safe as possible. Whether you’re a paddle wielding veteran, or are a newbie to the water, we’ve got your back. The Last Waltz is suitable to all rafters age 12 and older, and weighing at least 90lbs.

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