Tackle White Water Rafting and the Golden Sky Bridge in One Go!
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Tackle White Water Rafting and the Golden Sky Bridge in One Go!

Tackle White Water Rafting and the Golden Sky Bridge in One Go!

Canada doesn't have to be your place of birth for you to enjoy the best Canadian pastimes. If you are new to Canada and looking for something to kick off this new journey on a fun note, our white water rafting and Golden Skybridge package will give you access to the fun you need. Hydra River Guides has been taking families like you on rafting trips for over 30 years, and we enjoy every second of it! Read about the adventure that could be yours below.

The Features

Each of the elements of the package boasts its own unique benefits. With white water rafting and the Golden Sky Bridge package, you'll get to see both the heights and the depths of some of the most gorgeous locations in Canada. Through these two simple adventures, you will be able to appreciate the beauty that makes the Rockies so well-known. 

Let's dive into each part:

White Water Rafting

Hydra will guide you on this late-afternoon rafting adventure with your family and a crew of other people just as excited to experience the rapids. Ride down two hours of our best rapids with your loved ones and make memories that you and your family will remember for years to come. For adventure-loving kids above 12 years of age and more than 90 lbs, this end-of-the-day adventure will tire your kids out in the best way. Ask us how you can get photos of your rafting adventure to take home! White water rafting in Golden is the perfect family event that you don't want to miss. 

The Golden Sky Bridge

Look down over the famous Canadian Rockies from a bridge suspended 426 feet over a beautiful canyon. This package comes with general admission to the Golden Sky Bridge, which departs at both 9:15 am and 1:15 pm daily. Be on the lookout for classic Canadian wild animals and see if you can't grab a nice family photo for your next holiday card.

Requirements for Rafting

To ride on the Golden white water rafting trip, riders must be 12 years old and weigh at least 90 lbs. All you need to bring is your bathing suit and a towel with you. If you want, you can bring a change of underwear as well. We will provide all necessary equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Wetsuit
  • Paddles
  • Booties
  • Life jackets
  • Fleece sweaters
  • Spray jackets
  • Helmets
  • And more! 

We will do the rest. After an instruction session with your guide, you'll be ready to hit the rapids. Just come and enjoy the adventure!

Book with Hydra Today!

Our experienced river guides would love to conquer the rapids of the Kicking Horse with you. When you're looking for a challenging water adventure and a relaxing day walking the Golden Sky Bridge, Hydra River Guides has something perfect for you. If you and your family are ready for an adventure to see the most gorgeous sights that Canada has to offer, contact Hydra River Guides about booking your white water rafting and Golden Sky Bridge package today.