Unique Birthday Party Ideas: Family White Water Rafting
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Unique Birthday Party Ideas: Family White Water Rafting

Unique Birthday Party Ideas: Family White Water Rafting

Dive into your next year of life with a birthday party to remember, surrounded by family and friends you love. Take your family white water rafting in Golden, BC, this summer to commemorate the amazing life you’ve had so far while surrounded by the people you love and appreciate most. Hydra River Guides can help make this happen! Our over 30 years of taming the rapids as a business, plus the individual experience of each of our friendly guides, mean that you and your guests will get the most out of your birthday trip. 

At Hydra, we give the birthday person 10% off their ride. It’s our gift to you to say “Thanks for being born!” Take up to 8 of your closest people with you on this thrilling ride directed by one of our outdoor-loving guides. At the end of your trip, if you’d like to remember the adventure with a photo, ask our staff to get you a copy of one of our river camera’s photos it took along the ride! 

The Best Time Of Year

Summer birthdays have many advantages, and one of them is the option of a sunny day on the Kicking Horse River or white water rafting with family and friends. Heat and high waters are the perfect combination for an excellent rafting experience. While the glacial runoff makes the water levels a little more unpredictable, that just means every time you come on a family white water rafting trip with Hydra River Guides, you will have a new experience! 

Birthday tip: if you’re looking to claim the best seat in the raft, the front is where you want to be! 

Pair it Up!

Make the birthday a full-day event with some of our family-friendly white water rafting packages. Pair your white water rafting with the thrill of being suspended over a 450-foot chasm, and indulge your senses in viewing the mountains from an eagle-eye view as well as from the depths. Book the Golden Sky Bridge and Rafting package to get access to both. If heights aren’t your thing, Hydra can give you tickets to experience Banff on water and land. Our Horsing Around package gives you the opportunity to ride on horseback through stunning mountains as well as conquer the rapids of Kicking Horse. Or, swap out the horses for an ATV in our Raft & ATV package to feel speed and power in two different ways. By pairing up your birthday excursions, you’ll save money and time that could otherwise be spent celebrating the birthday person! 

Secure Your Adventure Today

Ready to embrace the power of nature flowing through Kicking Horse River? Get in contact with Hydra today to book your family white water rafting adventure before our season books up for 2024. If you have any questions, we’d love to answer them for you. Give us a call at 1-888-920-3968. Alternatively, you can grab a gift card for the birthday person if you aren’t ready to come out just yet.