Cross White Water Rafting in Golden Off Your Bucket List
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Cross White Water Rafting in Golden Off Your Bucket List

Cross White Water Rafting in Golden Off Your Bucket List

Are you ready to add an adrenaline-pumping adventure to your bucket list? For people looking to experience heart-dropping fun, white water rafting in Golden, BC, is for you! Beautiful scenery, intense waves, and lots of laughs will accompany you on your trip down Kicking Horse River. From heart-pounding drops to exhilarating waves, we'll share everything you need to know about this bucket list-worthy activity below. Keep reading to learn more!

Sun and Soak in Beautiful Golden, BC

Are you looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience to add to your bucket list? White water rafting is the excursion of a lifetime. The feeling of dropping down the rapids entirely at the whim of the river is one not easily replicated. So get ready to tick off a truly epic adventure from your bucket list as we take you on a wild ride you'll never forget! Hydra River Guides hosts thrilling white water rafting trips in Golden, BC. There's no other thrill quite like white water rafting in Golden, BC. What are you waiting for?

White Water Rafting Tickets with Hydra

Hydra River Guides offers a selection of adventures for white water rafting in Golden, BC. Planning to cross white water rafting off your bucket list? Here are some affordable white water rafting options!

The Family Whitewater:

If your group includes children between ages 8 and 11, this one-hour trip is perfect for your bucket list adventure! This tranquil float down the river is perfect for families looking to experience this activity as a group. A little more on the gentle side, your young ones will appreciate the water without being terrified. For the littlest thrill-seekers, book the Family Whitewater trip.

Kicking Horse Classic:

This popular choice allows you to connect with nature while taking an exhilarating journey with family and friends down class 1-4 rapids. A 2-hour journey, this trip is meant for people just waiting to take on the Shot Gun, Man Eater, and Rollercoaster rapids. The Kicking Horse Classic is for adventurers looking for a laugh and some excitement.

Last Waltz:

If you're looking for an afternoon adventure that you can cross off your bucket list, this is it. The Last Waltz is our last trip of the day, and you know what they say about saving the best for last! Running at 3:45pm daily, you and your friends can try out white water rafting in Golden for the first, fifth or fiftieth time. For all of our white water rafting trips, we provide the bare necessities so that you can come with a swimsuit and towel and be ready to go. 

Plan Your Excursion Today

When you plan a white water rafting trip with Hydra River Guides, you sign up for a tour of the Kicking Horse in beautiful Golden, BC as well as lots of laughs between you, your guide, and all of the crew. Hydra River Guides is your rafting expert in the Kicking Horse area, ready to take you on the adventure of a lifetime! Book with us today, or give us a call to get answers to your questions.