Corporate Events - Kicking Horse River Rafting 2024
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Corporate Events - Kicking Horse River Rafting 2024

Corporate Events - Kicking Horse River Rafting 2024

Build team unity with an adrenaline-inducing race down the Kicking Horse River. Rafting allows your corporate team to work together on a common goal while sharing smiles and laughs. If your business is looking for the perfect team-bonding experience, look no further than Hydra River Guides! Below, we share more on how your team could benefit from a group white water rafting trip, as well as our best trips suited for your team. 

The Psychology of Team Building

Knowing your teammates and establishing trust is critical in any group situation. While creating fun memories is excellent for bringing a group of people together, it is not everything. To gain a well-melded team, you should have a motivating factor to drive them together. Open communication, motivation, and optimism are just a few of the elements that create a successful team dynamic

Without a healthy team dynamic, your business risks falling victim to high staff turnover, lower productivity, and higher stress levels. Take your employees on a trip that will reduce the potential of these side effects of an unhealthy work environment while simultaneously showing them how much they are appreciated!

Why White Water Rafting?

Kicking Horse River rafting is the perfect event to unite your employees into a cohesive team. Your employees will learn to speak clearly and precisely over the loud rapids to communicate their needs. This essential skill can easily cross over from a fun outing to an office setting. In the beauty of the Canadian Rockies, they’ll have a positive mindset that will drive them to solve the immediate problem: the Kicking Horse River. Rafting will create fun memories among coworkers and spark lasting skills all in one when you sign up with Hydra River Guides.

Corporate White Water Rafting Events

For an unbeatable water adventure, white water rafting on the Kicking Horse River is a perfect morning activity to wake you up! One of our longer trips, the duration of this white water rafting will give you a glorious trip on the water. You’ll encounter a wider variety of rapids, from class 1 all the way to class 4. We provide everything you need to get on the river, but bring your own swimsuit and towel if you want to be comfortable! 

No experience with rapids is necessary, as we will have one of our fun experts with you at all times on the river. Our professional guides will create a healthy and fun atmosphere for your corporate outing, helping you to bring your crew together before the day is done. 

Foster a Healthy Working Environment with Hydra

Hydra River Guides is your opportunity to book a corporate Kicking Horse River rafting event for your employees. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly staff to talk about why white water rafting in Banff could create a fun environment for your business atmosphere today. With both a booking location inside the town of Banff and our rating location next to the beautiful Kicking Horse River, rafting tickets have never been more accessible!