Why You Should White Water Raft in Banff with Hydra this Summer!
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Why You Should White Water Raft in Banff with Hydra this Summer!

Why You Should White Water Raft in Banff with Hydra this Summer!

Are you looking for an exciting way to soak up the summer sun in Banff? Hydra River Guides has got you covered! At Hydra, we are thrilled to welcome you to the Kicking Horse River. With Hydra, you can experience a ride of a lifetime white water rafting down one of Canada’s top rafting rivers. No matter your experience level, Hydra is here to ensure you have a memorable summer vacation testing your bravery on the Kicking Horse River’s famous rapids. With new thrills every ride, our experienced team of river guides, and incredible trips and packages available, Hydra is sure you’ll have an unforgettable adventure this summer. Continue reading to learn why you should white water raft in Banff with Hydra River Guides this summer!

New Thrills Every Ride!

The Kicking Horse River is an excellent spot to white water raft in Banff for many reasons. As a glacier-fed river, not only are its waters cold and exhilarating, but they also fluctuate. Fluctuating water levels on the Kicking Horse River means that all rafting adventures will differ! That means every time you white water raft in Banff with Hydra River Guides, you’ll experience a new, adrenaline-pumping ride every time. So if you want a unique summer experience, white water rafting in Banff with Hydra is a great choice!

Experienced River Guides

Another reason many adventurers white water raft with Hydra River Guides is because our crew of guides are highly trained rafting experts. Many of our river guides have thousands of rafting trips from rivers across Canada and even the world under their belts! At Hydra, each of our guides is Government Certified and trained in Wilderness First Aid and Swift Water Rescue. Combined with our in-house all-season guide training and their familiarity with the Kicking Horse River in Banff, Alberta, Hydra’s river guides are some of the best in the industry. 

Incredible Group Trips and Packages

Finally, one of the top reasons to white water raft in Banff with Hydra River Guides is that we offer exciting rafting trips and packages. No matter what kind of thrill-seeking adventurer you are, Hydra will surely have a rafting experience that will get your blood pumping. For instance, one of our most popular white water rafting packages is our Raft & ATV trip. This incredible adventure package includes a 3-hr ATV trail ride and an afternoon Kicking Horse Classic Raft Trip. So if you’re looking for an excellent opportunity to soak up the stunning Canadian wilderness and splash in the Kicking Horse River, this Raft & ATV trip package is a perfect fit! 

Ready to Hit the River?

No matter what your previous white water rafting experience is, Hydra River Guides welcomes you to our backyard to splash down the Kicking Horse River! With so many options for rafting trips and packages, our team is sure you’ll have an incredible adventure this summer. Even if you’re planning a trip for the entire family or with just a few brave friends, Hydra River Guides is here to ensure your summer is thrilling. Our 2023 Banff white water rafting season begins May 20th, so contact Hydra to secure your spot today!