Get Your Adrenaline Pumping White Water Rafting in the Canadian Rockies
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Get Your Adrenaline Pumping White Water Rafting in the Canadian Rockies

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping White Water Rafting in the Canadian Rockies

Are you planning to take your summer vacation in Canada this year? Are you looking for an exciting way to experience the views of the Canadian Rockies? Hydra River Guides has some fantastic white water rafting trips that would be perfect for your inner thrill seeker! Located a little over an hour outside Banff, Alberta, the rafting trips of Hydra River Guides are fun for all experience levels. Below we’ll cover why rafting the Kicking Horse River is incredible. We’ll also answer a few common questions you may have. Keep reading to learn more about white water rafting with Hydra River Guides!

What’s Different About Rafting in the Canadian Rockies?

White water rafting in the Canadian Rockies is an incredible experience. In part because the river Hydra River Guides will take you down is the Kicking Horse River, which is glacier-fed. Glacier-fed rivers are colder than other rivers, and the water levels fluctuate much more throughout the rafting season. That means every ride down the Kicking Horse River will be a thrilling and unique experience. However, the Kicking Horse River is safe for rafters of all experience levels. The Hydra River Guides’ team carefully monitors the water levels to ensure a fun ride for all rafters. The Canadian Rockies are a beautiful summer destination. Let Hydra River Guides get you up close and personal with our wild Canadian wilderness! 

Do I Need Experience to Raft?

The short answer is no! To raft in the Canadian Rockies with Hydra River Guides, you don’t need any previous white water rafting experience. Our crew of guides loves to take first-time rafters down the Kicking Horse River because the experience is so exciting and new every time. However, if you already have some rafting experience, you’ll still have a thrilling experience on the Kicking Horse River. As previously mentioned, no two rafting rides are the same. Hydra River Guides also carefully curated our various white water rafting trips and packages for different experience levels. Regardless of your experience, you can feel confident in the raft with your paddle!

When is the Best Time to Go White Water Rafting?

Hydra River Guides’ white water rafting season for 2023 starts in May and runs through until the fall. Regarding the “best” time to white water raft in Canada, it depends on what kind of rafting experience you’re looking for. Suppose you’re more of an adrenaline junkie looking to get your heart pumping by hitting those big swells. In that case, the Kicking Horse River typically peaks in June and July. However, as previously mentioned, the Kicking Horse River is constantly changing. So no matter when you come, it will never be a dull day on the river. Hydra River Guides looks forward to taking you on an incredible adventure down the Kicking Horse River in the Canadian Rockies.

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Ready for Your Next Adventure?

For over 30 years, Hydra River Guides has called the Kicking Horse River our home. We are your leading rafting company in the Canadian Rockies. With numerous trips available in the morning or afternoon and exciting package deals, Hydra River Guides is sure to have a rafting trip that will excite your whole crew. Contact us today to book your next trip or to learn more about the upcoming season!