3 Commonly Asked Questions About White Water Rafting in Golden, BC
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3 Commonly Asked Questions About White Water Rafting in Golden, BC

3 Commonly Asked Questions About White Water Rafting in Golden, BC

Are you excited to get out on the Kicking Horse River in Golden, BC but do you have some questions? You're not alone! Plenty of white water rafters have questions before booking their expedition, especially those who've never taken a trip down the river. It's always a good idea to be prepared before rafting for the first time, so we've prepped some quick answers to our most commonly asked questions. At Hydra River Guides, we get many questions regarding safety and preparation. Below we'll answer three of our most common questions about your experience. 

Will the Raft Flip?

It is pretty rare for a guest to fall into the Kicking Horse River or for the raft to flip. That being said, we cannot guarantee that a flip or spill won't happen. Considering Hydra River Guides takes thousands of guests down the river every season, the chance of a flip is slim but still a possibility. As the summer runoff, precipitation and weather affect the river's temperament, every ride down the Kicking Horse will be its own unique experience. As we say at Hydra River Guides, no two rides are the same!

Before you begin your trip down the rapids, our guides will walk you through our safety protocols. If a flip happens or if you fall out of the raft, you'll know exactly what to do. At Hydra River Guides, our number one priority is training you so that you know exactly what to do in the unlikely possibility of a raft flip and keeping the ride fun for everyone! We want your white water rafting experience to be memorable and a great time.

Do I Need to be an Experienced Swimmer?

It's all right if you're not a strong swimmer or only have basic swimming knowledge. Still, it's important to let our guides know your experience level. At Hydra River Guides, everyone on the raft will be required to wear a life jacket, so in the slim chance you fall into the river, you'll have the help of the life jacket to keep you safe. 

How Experienced is My Guide?

The simple answer is highly experienced! All of our guides are highly trained white water rafting experts. Most of them have thousands of rafting expeditions under their belts from rivers across Canada and even globally. In addition to their previous experience, our guides are also intimately familiar with the Kicking Horse River in Golden BC. We also conduct in-house guide training all season long. At Hydra River Guides, our team is Government Certified and carries Wilderness First Aid along with Swift Water Rescue Certificates. Safety is our highest priority, and our crew is here to ensure your rafting experience is safe and enjoyable!

The 2022 Season Starts Now!

At Hydra River Guides, our 2022 season runs from May to September. So if you're planning on making the most of your summer this year in Golden BC, consider joining our crew for a wicked ride down the Kicking Horse River. If you have more questions regarding rafting with us, we invite you to check out our FAQ page or contact us directly. Our guides look forward to rafting with you this summer!