Experience the Best Rafting in Alberta with Hydra River Guides
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Experience the Best Rafting in Alberta with Hydra River Guides

Experience the Best Rafting in Alberta with Hydra River Guides

Are you a diehard adrenaline junkie who's tired of being cooped up all winter long? Or are you looking for an adventure your entire family can get excited about this summer? As the winter snow finally melts away, the Rocky Mountains spring to life with the potential for fun and adventure. White water rafting down the Kicking Horse River is an excellent way to pump some adrenaline into your veins and make the most out of the summer. Located in the heart of the Rockies, Hydra River Guides' ultra-exclusive river base is directly on the banks of the Kicking Horse River. Our expert guides are here to send you and your family on the ride of a lifetime. Below, we'll talk about the Kicking Horse River and white water rafting with Hydra River Guides. Keep reading to learn more!

Prepare for Adventure!

Located approximately 75 minutes from Banff, Hydra River Guides is proud to call the Kicking Horse River home. Our experienced guides have been welcoming rafters of all experience levels to the Kicking Horse for over 30 years. If the Kicking Horse isn't in your vacation plans, that's no problem! We also offer white water rafting in Kananaskis. With various trips available for all comfort and age levels, we are sure you'll find plenty of adventure and adrenaline white water rafting with us! Hydra River Guides understands that white water rafting can be a test of bravery, especially for first-timers. However, our guides put safety first on each of our trips. That means no matter the river conditions, you'll have peace of mind and fun all the way down.

No Two Rides Are The Same!

Glacier-fed rivers are exciting for several reasons, from cold waters to exhilarating rapids and more! One of the best parts of these rivers is that their water levels fluctuate more than other bodies of water. That means that depending on the temperature in the area, seasonal precipitation, runoff and other factors; the Kicking Horse River may be faster flowing, higher, or more gentle. Since the Kicking Horse can drastically change over the season, each ride you take down the river will be a unique experience.

What to Wear

When planning your rafting experience, it's essential to be prepared for all kinds of weather. At Hydra River Guides, we provide our adventurers with wet suits, life jackets, booties, and paddle jackets. So all you need to do is make sure your swimsuit or shorts, towels, water bottles, snacks, and change of clothes are packed and ready to go! Of course, it's also crucial to keep an eye on the weather and pack additional layers of clothing accordingly. 

It's Time to Hit the River!

Regardless of your experience levels, Hydra River Guides welcomes you to test your might plunging down the Kicking Horse River! Our beautiful Albertan and British Columbian backyard are filled with incredible natural sights and plenty of adventures waiting for you. We have book-a-boat options available for groups of four to eight. So if you're looking for something the whole family can enjoy, white water rafting with Hydra River Guides is a thrilling option. Soak up the summer sun, and take the plunge rafting by contacting our team today!