Kick it in Style on the Kicking Horse with Hydra River Guides
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Kick it in Style on the Kicking Horse with Hydra River Guides

Kick it in Style on the Kicking Horse with Hydra River Guides

Planning a Rocky Mountain getaway this summer and hoping to recharge surrounded by natural beauty? If your ideal way of unwinding is by focusing your energy on an epic adventure, there’s no better way to relax in the wild than by tackling the Kicking Horse River. Located in gorgeous Golden, BC (just 75 minutes away from Banff), the Kicking Horse has everything you need for an epic day on the river. From breathtaking views to rushing waters just waiting to be conquered, spending the day in Golden is the perfect way to make the most of your time in the Rockies. Learn more about why you need to take on the Kicking Horse River this summer below!

Thrill Seekers’ Paradise

The Banff-Golden area is world-renowned among lovers of the great outdoors all year round. Home to thousands of miles of hiking trails, lakes, and rivers that are perfect for exploring during the summer, as well as internationally coveted ski hills during the winter, this stretch of the Rockies is perfect and an ideal destination for those looking to escape the noise and chaos of city living and reconnect with their roots in the wild. The Kicking Horse River is a particular point of interest among adrenaline seekers thanks to its 22km (14 miles) of rushing water ready to be explored. With Class I to IV rapids spread across the serene upper and middle canyons, no two trips are the same, and every ride is sure to surprise and delight!

Fun For Everyone

One of the best parts about rafting the Kicking Horse is that the river’s versatility makes it approachable for everyone. While some rafting locations can be a little too intense for beginners and definitely unsuitable for children, the Kicking Horse is safe for rafters of all levels including young thrill-seekers. Whether you’re looking to treat your kids to a day they’ll never forget or are looking to satisfy your inner adventure adrenaline seeker, the Kicking Horse has more than enough thrills for the whole crew to dive into!

Safety First

Hydra River Guides has welcomed rafters to the shores of the Kicking Horse for over 30 years and knows how important it is to stay safe on the water. You can count on our guides to keep everyone educated, prepared, and safe while rafting, giving you peace of mind and everything you need to focus on having fun!

Breathtaking Views

Finally, there’s nothing quite as awesome as taking in the beauty of the Rockies while embarking on an epic adventure. There’s no shortage of incredible views that surround the Kicking Horse, treating rafters to jaw-dropping beauty along the ride as well as plenty of glimpses of the local wildlife.

Ready To Conquer Wild?

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