Kick Things Up on the Kicking Horse River
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Kick Things Up on the Kicking Horse River

Kick Things Up on the Kicking Horse River

Spring is here, and you know what that means…rafting season is just around the corner!

As temperatures climb and winter’s chilly grasp finally begins to melt away, the Rockies spring to life with sunshine and adventure that’s ready for you and your closet crew of cohorts to explore this summer! Whether you’re a diehard adrenaline junkie that’s looking for an experience unlike anything you’ve experienced so far, or you’re a veteran rafter that’s ready to hit the waves for another round with one of mother nature’s most epic sources of white water, Hydra River Guides has you covered! Located in the heart of the Rockies, just 90 minutes from Banff in Golden, BC, our ultra-exclusive river base puts you right on the bank of the infamous Kicking Horse river for a wild ride that you’re sure to remember forever. Learn more about the Kicking Horse and rafting with Hydra below!

Fast, Better, Stronger

Big waves, wild rapids and high octane fun welcome you on your day on the Kicking Horse River! As a world-renowned site for rafting, Canada’s own Kicking Horse packs a serious punch for rafters and kayakers of all experience levels, all while giving you unbeatable views of the breathtaking beauty that is Yoho National Park. Whether you’ve tried whitewater rafting before on gentler rivers like the Kananaskis and are hoping to up the ante for your next adventure or want to jump right into the deep end (no worries, adventurers of ALL levels are welcome), the Kicking Horse has something for everyone. From first-time rafters to paddle pros, each trip is unique, full of fun, and gives you an unbeatable chance to experience the Rockies like never before.

A Canadian Classic

Yoho National Park is one of the most beautiful areas in the Canadian Rockies and is an area full of a rich history spanning hundreds of years. The Kicking Horse River gained its infamous name thanks to a now-infamous steed on John Palliser’s expedition back in 1858 that took objection to the rushing waters and kicked his rider while they explored the river. True to its namesake, the Kicking Horse is home to over 22km of class 1-4 rapids that ‘kicks’ up plenty of big waves for rafters every summer. If you’ve been looking for an exciting way to experience the Canadian Wilderness after spending the winter cooped up inside, there’s no better way to get to know your wild backyard than grabbing a paddle and hitting the river with our guides!

Adventure Fit For The Whole Family

Whether you’re a first-time rafter that’s worried about taking the plunge or an experienced veteran on the raft, Hydra River Guides is thrilled to welcome you to our backyard and ensure you’re safe while conquering the waves. We offer two trips on the Kicking Horse, both of which are designed for rafters of all levels. Prior to hitting the water, we’ll take the time to give you a detailed safety course and prepare you for what to expect, so that when you hit the rapids all that’s left to do is paddle, smile, and enjoy your time in our natural paradise.

Planning on coming down the whole household and wanting to stick with your cohorts this summer? Check out our book a boat option, available for groups of 4-8.

This summer, suit up and prepare to make a splash while taking in unparalleled views of the Rocky Mountains! Learn more by viewing our rafting expeditions, or by contacting our team today!