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Canadian Rockies Rafting: Get Ready For Glacier Fresh Rapids

Canadian Rockies Rafting: Get Ready For Glacier Fresh Rapids

Are you hoping to kick off your next Rocky Mountain vacation with some heart-pumping adventure? Hydra River Guides is proud to be one of the leading rafting companies in the region, welcoming hundreds of guests to the awesome shores of the Kicking Horse each season. Located just 75 minutes away from beautiful Banff, Golden, BC is a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. With glacier-fed waves just waiting to be conquered, adventurers of all ages and experience levels are sure to be thrilled. Learn more about the unique aspects of rafting in the Rockies below!

Refreshing Even On The Hottest Of Days

One detail that can catch rafters off guard when they come to the Kicking Horse is how cool the waters can be, even on sweltering hot days. This is because the river is glacier-fed, directly fuelled by the runoff from the Wapta ice fields. There’s nothing better than surging forward into crisp cool waves during a hot summer’s day, so grab your paddle and get ready to conquer the river!

No Two Rides Are The Same

Another aspect of glacier fed rivers is that their water levels will fluctuate much more than other bodies of water. Depending on the surrounding temperature, seasonal precipitation and other influencing factors, the river can be higher, faster, or even more gentle depending on the day. Since the river changes so frequently, each trip is different, meaning you’ll never be bored. Hydra’s team of experts also plays close attention to water levels and speed to ensure that each boat has a safe ride on the rapids.

How To Stay Warm

While the spray can be refreshing, the Rockies are infamous for rapidly shifting weather that can often lead to cooler temperatures. To ensure you stay warm no matter the weather, follow our tips below!

  • Dress appropriately: layers work in your favour and we provide everything to keep you toasty. A neoprene wetsuit and a light polar fleece beneath your spray jacket that will help insulate you on colder days. Avoid cotton as it will stick to your skin and can lower your body temperature when wet. Instead, wear your bathing suit underneath the wet suit. Finally, we offer neoprene booties to keep your feet warm!
  • Eat extra on the day you raft: While you want to give yourself time to digest before you start paddling (no one likes a cramp!), don’t be scared to eat up the morning of your trip. Rafting does expend quite a bit of energy, and having some extra calories to spend can help your body generate excess heat.
  • Stay hydrated: it might sound a little counter-intuitive, but drinking lots of water on chilly days gives your body the hydration it needs to operate in tip-top form.

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