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Pulse Racing Fun with Hydra River Guides

Pulse Racing Fun with Hydra River Guides

Have a thirst for adventure that a day on the water can’t quite quench? No worries, Hydra still has you covered! Our Adrenaline Junkie package takes you from water to sky, giving you the thrill of world class rapids, paired with the exhilaration of skydiving from 10,000 ft. Learn more about this heart pumping adventure below!

Raft the Rapids of the Kicking Horse

“Kick” off a wild ride with our most popular trip down the river, our Kicking Horse Classic. Perfect for those who to explore the river in all its glory! You and your crew will start on calm waters, launching from our exclusive River Base right on the river banks, and will learn about the kicking horse while navigating the peaceful upper section. Then, as the canyon narrows and the water picks up, you’ll travel on for exactly what you came for: wicked rapids and tons of splashes. Navigate class 1-4 rapids, hitting the infamous Portgage and Shot Gun sections (don’t forget to say cheese for our photographers!) along the way. You’ll finish off by returning back to the River Base where you can warm up with our showers, enjoy a BBQ lunch, change back into your clothes, and prepare to take the other plunge.

Soar from New Heights

If the Kicking Horse hasn’t given you your fill of adventure, your skydiving expedition is sure to get your pulse racing. Head up to 10,000 feet, taking in unrivaled views of the Rockies on your way up, then strap in, and get ready for your very own tandem skydive with a trained instructor.

Ready to get your blood pumping? Contact our team to learn more, or book your adventure now!

All participants for the Adrenaline Junkie package must be at least 18 years of age and must weigh between 90 and 230lbs.