White Water Rafting is Best in Banff: Book with Hydra Today!
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White Water Rafting is Best in Banff: Book with Hydra Today!

White Water Rafting is Best in Banff: Book with Hydra Today!

Looking for family-friendly fun for this summer? Hydra River Guides is back at it with classic Kicking Horse River rafting tours! Perfect for ages 8 and up, white water rafting in Banff is the way to make memories with your kids here and now. The summer of 2024 can be your summer of connecting with your family, embracing nature, and conquering the rapids while white water rafting. Incredible sights of clear blue skies, sky-scraping mountains, and the occasional wildlife will be your companion on this adventure. Our Hydra River Rafting team is full of experience and ready to hit the waves with you when you are! Keep reading about your next adventure with Hydra, and why white water rafting in Banff is the way to go.

The Rapids

Our trips cover waves in classes 1-4 for optimal laughter and smiles. Let’s quickly go over the classes of waves:

  • Class 1 = Calm moving water.
  • Class 2 = Beginner. May experience some rocks and waves.
  • Class 3 = Intermediate. More rocks and bigger waves.
  • Class 4 = Advanced. Long rapids, large waves.

Our Family Whitewater trip is perfect for kids over the age of 8 who are growing adrenaline junkies! We will conquer class 1-3 waves on this family-friendly adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime. Or, if you have older kids or are looking for a more intense white water rafting experience, the Kicking Horse Classic is perfect for you. With class 1-4 rapids, you’ll get the thrill of riding over the best of Banff’s waves.

Wildlife, Scenery, and Things to Do

Keep your eyes peeled (when you aren’t focused on the rapids) for native Canadian wildlife on the banks surrounding you. You’ll be racing through gorgeous mountains with beautiful foliage on either side of the river. White water rafting in Banff means you’ll get excellent rapids with incredible scenery. Since Banff is located in a national park, you have a higher likelihood of seeing wildlife such as bears, moose, elk and more that you might not get the opportunity to see elsewhere. Who knows what furry little creatures you might see out there! Plus, the town of Banff has so many things to do: try our classic beaver tails, hike the mountains to a beautiful lake, and so much more. There’s never a dull moment in Banff! 

Book Your Next Excursion with Hydra Now!

We’d love to book you in for a white water rafting adventure in Banff! Our guides are experienced and have a passion for the outdoors. They will go the extra mile to guarantee that everyone on board feels prepared to hit the rapids. For beginners and veterans alike, Hydra River Guides will ensure your white water rafting trip in Banff is one for the books.

Contact us soon to make sure you and your family have a spot this summer. Book here or contact our team today. Got questions? Check out our FAQ page.