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4 May 2016

How a Rafting Trip Encourages Respect for Nature

How a Rafting Trip Encourages Respect for Nature

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Whitewater rafting is an amazing way to reconnect with nature. It gets you out of your regular routine, out into the wilderness and it allows you to work together with nature and other people to accomplish a goal. Overall, you learn that being immersed in nature can be healing and also be a force that needs to be respected at the same time.


You're in the Outdoors

Many urban dwellers don't get out of the city nearly enough. Schedules are busy, there's a focus on getting exercise in a gym, a lot of distractions from electronic media and some people even have a fear of being in natural areas. Rafting requires you to go into the wilderness and experience the natural world with all of you senses and it instills appreciation for the unspoiled places on our planet.


You Have to be Focused and Present on a Rafting Trip

When you are whitewater rafting, you need to be alert and observant because you are looking for obstacles on the river, listening to commands from your guide and responding to the physical challenge of rafting. You must be totally focused on the task at hand. This makes your mind very centered, allowing you to forget about your daily routine and de-stress.


You're Working in Tandem With Nature

You’ll notice when you come rafting with Hydra River Guides, there are no motors on our rafts. When you’re on the river it’s your paddle and the current of the water propelling you forward and you're moving down the river along with its natural movement. This encourages rafters to think of nature not just an intimidating place to be, it can be a helpful force that can bring joy and fun.


You Will Probably See Wildlife

It's truly a special experience to see wildlife when you are on a rafting trip. Nothing is more awe inspiring than seeing animals in their natural habitat. Our guides and customers have seen deer, mountain goats, mountain sheep, moose, elk, eagles, osprey and bears on a rafting trip. We do caution that it is NEVER safe to approach an animal and we strongly urge you to keep your distance from any wildlife you may see while on your trip.


The River Teaches You Humility

The Kicking Horse River can provide a challenge that will teach you the power of nature. The river has Class 4 rapids at many points that are thrilling and physically demanding. Also, the water is never the same from day-to-day or season-to-season. Through the experience of rafting you learn the value of team work, by accomplishing the goal of getting down the river to your disembark point safely. This teaches you to be humble in the face of nature and work in harmony with other people.

If you want your very own outdoor adventure, contact Hydra River Guides by phone at 1 (800) 644-8888 or send us an e-mail at info@raftbanff.comfor more information and to book your rafting trip today.


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